Common Planning Concerns : Tradecraft Financial Group, LLC

Common Planning Concerns

Asset Distribution

Effective and efficient distribution of assets to heirs. Consider family dynamics when designing planning solutions.

Asset Protection

Protect existing assets from excessive tax burdens and potential undesirable future creditors.

Asset Shifting

Reposition hard-earned assets (including their businesses) to their desired heirs in a manner that enables them to leave the legacy they intended.

Business Succession

Allow owners to maximize the value of the sale of their businesses to heirs, key person insiders or third party buyers.

Charitable Opportunities

Ensure that the client’s desires for charitable giving are crystallized and enabled to be continued for future generations.

Estate Equalization

Proper ownership arrangements of estate assets in order to ensure maximum estate tax benefits.

Family Income and Security

Ensure that the maximum human life value is protected. Coordinate investment objectives with risk tolerance and time horizon.